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Stories from the ground | SC Red Cross assisting with Hurricane Ida recovery

Two South Carolinians discuss what they’re seeing on the ground and how they’re working to help.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Hundreds of American Red Cross volunteers from across the country have been deployed to areas battered by Hurricane Ida.

Gary Thurman and Gigi Spell were deployed from Myrtle Beach a little over a week ago. They arrived to the Mississippi-Alabama area to serve those impacted by the storm.

“We’ve seen some flooding, tornado damage, wind damage,” Spell said. “Whole towns with no electricity.”

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The Red Cross volunteers have been delivering food and supplies to those in need. "Cean up kits, and tarps, and gloves and trash bags,” Spell said.

“Lots of water and heater meals, Thurman added. “Those ready to eat so the people would have things to eat out there when we weren’t serving the prepared meals.”

Hard-hit Louisiana was not their service area, but they have been assisting evacuees.

Credit: American Red Cross
Red Cross in LA ahead of Hurricane Ida.

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“Provided some gas cards so they’ll have fuel to get back home,” Thurman said.

They say some shelters are closing as power is restored and people begin returning home.

Still, there’s a lot of work to do to get everyone back on their feet.

“If they’re wanting to help… of course, donations to the Red Cross,” Thurman said.

Volunteers are also urgently needed, according to the organization.

To help visit RedCross.org.

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