SUMTER, S.C. — Anytime a hurricane threatens the state of South Carolina, residents of Sumter remember Hurricane Hugo from 1989. 

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The storm leveled the county, causing millions of dollars in damage.

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Some Sumter shoppers say they're preparing for all possibilities as Hurricane Dorian nears after experiencing the devastation that Hugo caused.

"I just want to be prepared," Robert Wilson said, as he stood in a Bi-Lo grocery parking lot. 

He had just finished unloading a shopping cart full of storm essentials, including bottled water and charcoal for grilling. 

"When we had Hugo, they told us that a storm hadn't come that far inland, so it really wasn't any reason to be worried," Robert Wilson said, "but, as we all know, it did, and I didn't have anything.... We didn't get power for a couple or three weeks; it was a really bad time."

Although the path and local impact of Hurricane Dorian remain uncertain, Wilson says, this time around, he'll be ready. 

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"I was out today picking up a few extra supplies just in case it does come in this week," he said. 

Jessica Evans also spent part of her Labor Day shopping for the storm. She says she was just a young girl when Hugo hit, and is hoping Dorian won't have the same impact.

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"I try not to think about it 'cause I don't try to get (my daughter) upset about it," Evans said, "but, yes. Sometimes we think about it hoping that (Hurricane Dorian) is not going to come in like (Hugo) did."

Evans said she will likely buy nonperishable food items, 

some southern storm favorites like bread and milk. 

Many prepared for the storm, buying items like bread, milk, water and sandwich meat. 

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Earline Jones was among the crowd. She says she's praying for a positive outcome.

"You know, a little worried because of Hugo. We weren't quite prepared, so we want to be ready this time," Jones said. "I'm going to leave it in the hand of the Lord and that's how I'm going to get through whatever may come."

Sumter emergency officials along with Duke Energy and Black River Electric say they're monitoring the storm closely and preparing for the possibility of impact.

For more information on how local authorities are responding click here

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