Columbia, SC (WLTX) - Lots of people have old knickknacks they've collected over the years.

We've all seen them. It's the necklace passed down from grandma, the trinket you're pretty sure came from your dad's grandfather, the things you've packed away and never gave much thought. But what if they were worth something?

People poured into the South Carolina State Museum's Museum Roadshow to find out.

"There have been all kinds of things over the years," said Celeste Wszola with the museum.

Wszola says people wait year round for this event.

"People can find out more about the objects they have whether they're antiques or family heirlooms or just something they picked up at a yard sale," Wszola said.

With categories spanning from war memorabilia to native American artifacts to dolls to jewelry, appraisers sat waiting to tell hopeful antique owners about their potential treasures.

"It gives them an idea of what it's worth and if they want to sell it, they can pursue it through other means," Wszola said.

If this inspired you to gather your antiques for an appraisal, the roadshow will be back next January.