ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. — Upstate deputies seized 63 pounds of meth in a traffic stop along a South Carolina interstate last week.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office says its criminal interdiction unit was working a stretch of I-85 last Friday when they stopped a Chevrolet Suburban around 1:20 pm for a traffic offense.

As the deputy approached the SUV, the driver and passenger attempted to abandon the vehicle and flee from law enforcement. The passenger of the SUV was immediately detained. However, the driver was able to escape before additional units arrived.

When they performed an inventory of the vehicle, deputies say they found a duffel bag full of large bundles wrapped in brown tape. The packages field tested positive for methamphetamine. 

Investigators say 39 bundles, weighing a total of 63 pounds, were located inside the rear of the vehicle.

Felipe Acedo Medina was arrested and is charged with trafficking methamphetamine, according to deputies.

Felipe Acedo Medina
Felipe Acedo Medina
Anderson County Sheriff's Office