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Government shutdown continues and the IRS is affected

While W-2 forms won't likely be affected, the IRS could be slow in getting returns out following the government shutdown.

The partial shutdown continues to have an affect on 25 percent of the federal government. Nearly 800,000 federal workers have been affected, including 41,000 in South Carolina.

In Richland County, the Congaree National Park is partially closed. That means that the visitor center and parts of their services have been put on hold as congress and President Donald Trump continue discussions over the border wall.

The IRS has also been hit by the shutdown. 

"The IRS, it has been a busy year for them because of the tax law change, says Donna Schmitt, Associate Professor of Accounting at the Darla Moore School of Business. "They are still working on the 2018 forms. So, the fact that they haven't been able to work means that they are going to be farther behind."

Schmitt says your W-2 forms won't likely be impacted.

In the past 40 years, there have been more than twenty shutdowns. The longest one was in 1995 and lasted about 21 days. 

"Three fourths of the government were already funded," says Schmitt. "You got your mail today, social security is going out, the military is working. This only impacts about a quarter of federal workers, but still the IRS is in that group."

Reports from the white house say this partial government shutdown will continue at least until the end of the week.

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