LEXINGTON, S.C. — The South Carolina Highway Patrol says Lexington has already seen seven fatalities out on the road since the beginning of the new year.

Street Squad Lexington has been following the traffic issues within Lexington County. Many tell WLTX roads and safety are what causes them the most stress for themselves and their families.

South Carolina Highway Patrol Lance Cpl. David Jones says several things contribute to the traffic issues in Lexington County.

"In Lexington County, troopers have written over a thousand-sixty speeding tickets in the last three weeks," said Jones. "Speed contributes to a lot of our fatal collisions here in Lexington County."

So far this year, they're have been seven fatalities in Lexington County alone out on the roadway.

Seat belts are another contributor to the traffic fatality issue in the county.

"Troopers have written over 455 seat belt tickets in the last three weeks. As troopers, we know wearing a seat belt and buckling up not only reduces fatalities but also increases your chances of surviving a crash with limited injuries," explained Jones.

Since January 1st, 45 drivers have been arrested for driving impaired.

"These drivers could have made the simple choice to just calling a taxi, calling an Uber, calling a friend, but again we're seeing some of these statistics that are leading into our fatalities," said Jones.

Street Squad will be talking with the South Carolina Highway Patrol later this week about how they're combating traffic safety issues and how drivers can help.