South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster says he'd sign a version of a bill to arm teachers in classroom, as long as it's finely tuned.

A proposal is currently making its way through the State House would allow educators to carry firearms to protect students from active shooters.

“Should teachers be armed, is that a bill you would support?” asked WCNC's Billie Jean Shaw. “If it came across my desk, I would sign it," McMaster said.

Here’s what would become law if McMaster signs the bill. Teachers, trained by the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, could carry concealed weapons on school grounds to respond to active shooters. Educators would also provide protection in the absence of law enforcement.

“Whatever I can do it make it safer in the schools for the children I would do," McMaster said.

According to a study from the FBI, officers who engaged an active shooter were either wounded or killed in nearly 47 percent of incidents.

But when asked if all trained officers can’t protect themselves, how would teachers, McMaster said, "

“I think anyone whose life is at threat should be able to defend themselves.”

The bill would go up for discussion in the next two weeks.