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Gamecock's advance in the first round, leaving to fans grabbing new attire

Big wins from women's basketball leads too big bucks for small businesses

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The women's Gamecock basketball team is fighting to win the championship for a second year in a row and with their first game of the season here today and another, this Sunday means big business for the midlands

“We’ve seen people come from all over the U.S. a lot obviously here in the south,” says operations manager at Miss Cocky, Parker Metts. 

He adds, "We’ve had a really great week and we’re anticipating a really busy week with St. Patties Day, Soda City's always big for us, but also with the tournament being here in Columbia, we’re excited." 

He says Gamecock attire has been flying off the shelves especially this all week long, as fans filled the store from Charleston, Massachusetts, and even Florida. 

“From Gainesville Florida, her moms a Gator, I'm obviously a Gamecock so this is our first time to Columbia. We're staying here at the Mariott, where the team is also staying, we just saw the team we cheered them on to get on the bus we got here yesterday and staying until Sunday," says Gamecock fan, Chris Biser.

Not only are people shopping,  but they are also eating at restaurants like Cantina 76 and Hometeam BBQ.  

Those restaurants are preparing for the crowds to continue with Saint Patrick's Day Saturday and another round of women’s basketball Sunday.

“We had a huge lunch crowd already, and that’s only Friday morning. I'm expecting a lot of these people even don't know what's going on in Five Points, they are going to try and get lunch and realize there is a whole festival and a bunch of people is going to try and get in afterward, it’s so crazy we’re even closing down early tomorrow, and then Sunday we’re full tilt again,” says the general manager for Hometeam BBQ, Mark Virtucio. 

The women return to the court on Sunday against South Florida at Colonial Life Arena and will play at 1 pm. 

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