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Rosewood holiday market boosts local economy

Following Small Business Saturday, Columbia vendors continued the momentum of local holiday shopping at a small market outside The Well Co. and Café.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — Small Business Saturday this weekend was a great opportunity to support the local community, but business owners are reminding people to keep shopping small through the holidays. 

On Sunday, support for small businesses continued at a Rosewood holiday market hosted by The Well Co. and Café.

Local vendors, local music, local food, and coffee all came together Sunday to highlight small businesses and continue the momentum of local holiday shopping. 

“Pre-COVID we would do this every month," explained co-owner Hannah Gorman. "We would have different markets but obviously due to COVID, we haven’t been able to do it as much.”

The local market returned for the first time in 6 months and featured 14 vendors.

“I think Rosewood is growing and a lot of times it’s overlooked," said Gorman, "but we are flourishing, we’ve got new developments across the street.”

Speaking of new, Columbia resident Ella Kline started her jewelry business in October. She displayed her colorful jewelry on a table for Sunday.

“I knew It was something I always wanted to do, I really like to make jewelry, so we moved here a couple months ago and started it up,” Kline told News19.

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With a new company and a new community, she saw the holiday market as the perfect way to introduce herself.

“It’s been great," said Kline. "I started off Instagram and just trying to do some things like this to get my name out there.”

Gorman added that the holiday market not only brought the community together but helped boost the local economy.

“Whenever we support small, we’re supporting our local economy versus a big corporation where that money is going to wherever they’re headquartered,” Gorman asserted.

No matter what time of year it is, or what holiday is coming up, local businesses remind you to shop small.

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