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The Tooth Fairy is paying out more for lost teeth, Delta Dental reports

On average, kids are getting $5.36 for each lost tooth!

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — How much is a lost tooth really worth? According to Delta Dental, it seems like the payout has gotten higher.

The dental insurance company has been hard at work tracking how much the Tooth Fairy has been paying out on average for lost teeth since 1998. The Original Tooth Fairy Poll then found the average value for teeth was $1.30 per tooth. 14 years later, the value has quadrupled to a whopping $5.36 on average.

That's the highest on average in the poll's history and the trend in recent years has indicated a growing value for a tooth; in 2021, the average was $4.70, while the value in 2020 was $4.03.

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The price may seem steep, but it seems parents and kids alike have grown fond of the Tooth Fairy's boosted payouts; André Richards, the assistant vice president of brand strategy and management for Delta Dental, said the visits during the throes of COVID-19 have helped keep things lighthearted.

“As a welcomed visitor into most homes around the country, the Tooth Fairy continues to bring fun and excitement to kids’ oral health care awareness. In fact, 1 in 5 parents share that the Tooth Fairy was one of their child’s favorite surprises during the pandemic,” he said. "With this year’s Delta Dental-sponsored national poll reflecting double-digit growth in Tooth Fairy giving, perhaps the Tooth Fairy is experiencing the effects of inflation along with being very generous.”

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