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Lexington County giving free thermometers to help local businesses

The county plans on receiving 365 thermometers to give out to for-profit businesses in the area.

LEXINGTON COUNTY, S.C. — Lexington County is now giving free thermometers to local businesses to help them during the coronavirus pandemic.

As the pandemic continues, business have been able to begin to reopen. Many owners have been using thermometers to help check temperatures of those who go in their buildling for the safety of employees and customers.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have been giving thermal thermometers to counties and local governments. The thermometers are meant for for-profit businesses.

"This is to help kind of offset the challenges that some of these businesses have been facing during this global pandemic," said Harrison Cahill, the spokesperson for Lexington County.

According to the county, "Non-profit, educational, governments, dr’s offices are not qualified for thermometers under the FEMA guidelines."

Officials say the county is going to receive about 365 thermometers. Right now, the county has received about 160 of them.

According to the requirements, one thermometer will be given out for every 75 employees.

So far, the thermometers have gone to manufacturers and distributors such as Husqvarna, Michelin and SE Freight.

Businesses wanting thermometers will need to apply for them.

"This is one way that local governments and the federal government are trying to directly cause positive impact during this pandemic," said Cahill.

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The thermometers doesn't require coming into contact with another person.

While most of the thermometers have been given out to manufactures and distributors, the county plans on expanding to giving them out to small businesses within the county.

Receiving the thermometers could be big for businesses because some have had difficulty finding them or having them shipped in a reasonable time frame.

"This is great for Lexington County because it not only shows that the county is able to provide for large businesses, but it also shows that our local and small businesses are equally as important," explained Cahill. "They make up the fabric of what our community is, how our community produces and where we like to live and shop. These thermometers are a great tool... It just continues to help positive progress during this pandemic."

To apply for the thermometers, businesses will need to email edinfo@lex-co.com.

The county says businesses will need to include the following information on the email:

  • Name of company
  • Facility Manager/Owner contact name and contact info (title, email address, phone number, property address)
  • Human Resources contact name and information (title, email address, phone number, property address)
  • Number of employees at facility
  • Number of NCIT units requested

The deadline for the application will be on Thursday, June 11th by 12 p.m. The county may have additional deadline as supply lasts.

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