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Abortion, voting machines, gambling, and education changes in Senate pre-filed bill proposals

The more than 100 bills pre-filed on Wednesday cover a wide range of issues in South Carolina

On Wednesday evening the list of pre-filed South Carolina Senate bills published on the State House website.

You can read the list here.

Several proposed bills tackle high-profile issues like marijuana, gambling, education, sentencing reform, and abortion.

Some of these bills, or similar proposals, have been filed before.


  • S.4, Senator Setzler – Would create a five percent increase in salary for teachers following a set step-pay schedule.
  • S.33, Senator Grooms – ‘The Campus Free Expression Act’ would deem outdoor areas of public colleges and campuses as ‘traditional public forums.’
  • S.35, Senator Grooms – “Reinforcing College Education on America’s Constitutional Heritage Act’ would require education in public high schools on the U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers, and the Declaration of Independence for at least a year.
  • S.157, Senator Allen – Would require teachers to be paid the national average instead of southeastern average.
  • S.244, Senators Fanning and McLeod – Would create a ‘Teacher Bill of Rights’ for public school teachers
  • S.248, Senator Fanning – Would create a three-year pilot program creating a year-round school calendar in ‘certain counties.’

Other proposed bills exist pertaining to teacher salaries and the school year.


  • S.27, Senator Hutto – It would prohibit carrying one dose or less of a controlled substance
  • S.32, Senator Grooms – The ‘South Carolina Fetal Heartbeat Protection from Abortion Act’ would require testing for a fetal heartbeat before an abortion. It also would prohibit an abortion when a heartbeat is detected, with exceptions.
  • S.36, Senators Malloy, Hutto, Kimpson, M.B. Matthews, Nicholson, McElveen, Sabb, and McLeod – A statewide referendum on the ballot in 2020 for Medicaid expansion.

Other proposed bills exist pertaining to healthcare, including one calling for research into medical marijuana.


  • S.140, Senator Scott – Requires a paper record of every vote. Also requires a plan and process for purchase of new machines, along with plan approval.
  • S.182, Senators McElveeen, Harpootlian – Budget appropriation for new voting machines that include a paper record.

Other proposed bills exist pertaining to voting machines.


  • S.11, Senator Peeler – Would keep South Carolina on daylight saving time year-round.
  • S.47, Senator Malloy – Would ban the death penalty or life sentences on convicted persons under 18-years-old at the time of the crime.
  • S.57, Senator Malloy – S.C. Constitutional amendment to allow for gambling in the state, including sports betting. The proposed bill would also allow people ‘holding an office of honor’ to gamble.
  • S.89, Senator Campsen – Would prohibit projects allowing the transport of offshore oil into the state.
  • S.145, Senator Scott – Exempt veterans from paying sales tax on Veterans Day.
  • S.149, Senator Scott – ‘South Carolina Minimum Wage Act’
  • S.156, Senator Allen – Would make it illegal to have a telecommunications device or bring it on the grounds of a correctional facility.

To read the entire list of proposed, pre-filed bills you can go here.