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Myrtle Beach clean up efforts underway as SCDOT works to clear roads

Myrtle Beach is one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Ian in the state. Residents experienced flooding and wind that brought sand into the roads.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. — Myrtle Beach is feeling the effects from Hurricane Ian and clean up efforts are currently underway.

"It’s been a very interesting vacation," said Clemson resident Mary-Ellese Gardner. "One I will never forget."

Gardner has been coming to Myrtle Beach every year for over two decades to vacation. This year, her two-week family trip came with lots of wind and rain as Hurricane Ian swept through the area. 

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Garden City resident Mark Carbone was ready for the weather.

"Before the storm got here, I got loaded up on water, supplies, cleared my balcony and sat there and watched the beach disappear," he explained.

The storm came through and brought lots of sand up from the beach onto the streets.

"The roads were terrible. Terrible!" she exclaimed. "There was sand…I mean right now, we’re probably standing on five foot of sand in the driveway still, but there was probably six foot of sand plus water on top of it when we came through."

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The South Carolina Department of Transportation is now working to clear away this sand and re-open roads. 

"Clean up is going very well," Carbone shared. "They’re going very fast."

SCDOT workers told me they’re moving down the area street by street, which will take at least a week. In the meantime, Gardner says she’s blocked into her home and isn’t able to leave unless she’s on foot.

"We have swim advisory, so we’re not allowed to swim in the ocean right now until they let us know something else, so this has been our entertainment," she said about the construction right outside her door.

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