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Lindsey Graham says Trump should be 'aggressive' on promoting COVID vaccines

Sen. Lindsey Graham contracted the virus this week and says the shot helped him recover.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — As he recovers from a breakthrough infection of the coronavirus, U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham says he has urged former President Donald Trump to press his supporters to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The South Carolina Republican told The Associated Press on Thursday that he sees vaccines as “the antidote to the virus that’s wreaking havoc on our hospitals.”

Graham was vaccinated in December but said Monday he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He says he's improving and feels his symptoms would have been much worse without the vaccine, but admits he had a few tough days. He says Trump should “be aggressive” in calling for people to get vaccinated.

Graham said he still talks to Trump every day

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Graham has been advocating for the vaccine and got it last December when Congress first had access to the shot. But polls have shown many GOP voters are extremely reluctant to get the vaccine. 

"No one's being asked to go off to fight radical Islam or fight a foreign enemy," Graham told Kinnard. "We're being asked to make responsible medical decisions Take the vaccine."

Graham's comments come on the same day that South Carolina U.S. Rep. Ralph Norman announced he'd gotten the virus despite being vaccinated. 

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'Thankfully, I have been fully vaccinated and my symptoms remain mild," he said. "To every extent possible, I will continue my work virtually while in quarantine for the next ten days."