The South Carolina Department of Transportation demolished an Orangeburg bridge over Interstate 26 after a fatal collision involving a tractor trailer on Friday.

The accident hit the support pylon underneath the bridge at Four Holes Road, weakening the structure. Over the weekend, SCDOT removed the bridge in sections.

WLTX spoke with the Orangeburg County Sheriff's Office and they want to reassure people that this will not hinder their ability to get to you if you need it.

"If you do need us, will still be there," said spokesman Richard Walker. "If we have to walk across where the bridge was, will come to you."

Traffic is now moving normally on the interstate, but we spoke to drivers in the surrounding area who said the bridge coming down is going to cause traffic headaches for those who need to use Four Holes Road.

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"I hate it," resident Michael Hoy says. "You used to just be able to come straight from my house straight down Four Holes Road cross the bridge, and then you were good to go. Now you have to go back and hit Big Buck Boulevard go down 3.2 miles, then you gotta go 7.8 miles that way now. So you can't just go 3 to4 miles; now you have to go almost 10 miles."

The South Carolina Department of Transportation did release a statement saying, "SCDOT is reviewing all the options concerning the bridge on I-26."