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Scooby Doo Mystery Machine replica up for sale in NC

We're on the case solving who owns the van in the Triad now and why it's up for sale.

BURLINGTON, N.C. — What's in one Burlington garage opens the door to a lot of questions. Like who would own a replica of the van from the iconic CBS show Scooby-Doo?

"Everybody calls me Shaggy," said Kevin Allen Coombs. "Before I grew my beard out completely it was kept to where I looked like him. And I pretty much dressed like Shaggy off the Scooby-Doo movie, so when I would drive around in the van, I would be recognized as shaggy."

Or what would motivate them to buy it in the first place? Shaggy served 18 months in Kuwait and Iraq. When he came back with PTSD, he wanted a fun project to keep his mind occupied.

"If you sit around and you have to time to think all the time, that's all you do is sit around and think. It's never good to be inside your head for too long," he said.

So when he bought the van 15 years ago, he hoped taking it around town would cheer him up and others.

"I loved the cartoons when I was a kid," Shaggy said. "I know just about everybody likes Scooby-Doo."

But the real mystery is why would Shaggy want to sell this gem. He posted it on Facebook marketplace over the weekend.


"It breaks my heart. It absolutely breaks my heart," Shaggy said. "I have really severe difficulty with diabetes and other complications where I can't feel my feet anymore. I have problems where I pass out randomly. With all my medical problems, I can't safely get behind the wheel of a vehicle anymore. So rather than let it sit around and rot, I want to sell it and let somebody else enjoy it."

The only thing left unsolved now is who will own the van next. Before making an offer, Shaggy wants you to know:

"It's not a vehicle you can pull in somewhere and expect to get out of there quick. It's going to be a two-hour trip to go to Walmart."

And a trip down memory lane to happiness we felt as a child.

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