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Deceased Farm operating with safety measures during spooky season

The haunted attraction is encouraging customers to wear a mask and practice social distancing.

LEXINGTON, S.C. — Deceased Farm in Lexington has several safety measures in places so people can enjoy the attraction during the pandemic.

Back on Halloween in 2019, Deceased Farm and Clinton Sease Farm was hit by a big storm.

The storm caused the front of the haunted house to fall down. A powerline also fell across the driveway.

Fortunately, people who worked at the haunted attraction, along with members of the Lexington community, were able to pick up the pieces and clean up the debris before opening for two more nights.

"Halloween night wasn't very fun last year," said Carrie Sease, owner of Deceased Farm. "The tornado came through and tore up a good bit of items at the farm. So, we frantically rebuilt and got it back together and been working all year long."

Sease says it meant a lot to them to have people in the community who were willing to help them when the storm hit.

"Deceased Farm is just a great family of people that come out and help us out to get the place built every year so they always pitch in and keep us rolling, and we're very grateful for that.

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After they finished the Halloween season last year, they were able to use the last few months to work on other parts of the attraction for Halloween in 2020.

Deceased Farm has been open since September. They've got three more weeks coming up to scare people in the month of October.

"We always try to change it up for you, but this year we did add our 'Dead and Breakfast,'" Sease explained. "So you have to go through our 'Dead and Breakfast' to get to the rest of the attraction."

One thing the attraction has been up against this year is the coronavirus pandemic. They've put several safety measures in place.

"We are trying to get everybody to wear their mask when they come for us, especially when we go in the buildings," Sease said. "We're doing lots of extra sanitizing and spraying and sanitizing the buildings after every couple of groups ... just trying to keep it clean and safe for everyone."

There are signs placed around the haunted attraction promoting social distancing.

Deceased Farm also hires actors to be a part of the attraction. Management has changed the way actors interact with guests due to the coronavirus.

"They're also having to wear their masks and trying to keep them away from the customers. We've always been more of an up-in-your-face and close and touching type attraction but this year obviously we're not able to do that," Sease said.

The owner thought it was important to work through the pandemic and find a safe way to have their tenth year of Deceased Farm.

"People look forward to coming to Deceased Farm. It's one of their fun events of the year," Sease explained. "We can go everywhere else, stores and everywhere else with our masks on and seem to be safe. So we felt like we could get everybody safe at Deceased Farm."

For the next three weeks, people can come to Deceased Farm Thursday through Sunday each week. The popular haunted attraction is located in Lexington at 382 Olde Farm Road.

To learn more about the attraction and how to get tickets, click here.

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