COLUMBIA, S.C. — A mother and son duo used the NextDoor app to share a piece of artwork they made during quarantine. 

Next time you stroll down Harietta Ave. in Columbia, you might notice some silly looking dogs.

"Who wouldn't want to pet this?" Dacey Even says. Even and her 9-year-old son David Noriega made the most of their quarantine together by painting a mural that lets their neighbors see their pitbulls as dragons. And not just any dragon - a Zippleback dragon from the movie series "How to Train Your Dragon."

"We thought it would be funny to drill a hole in the fence and then it became apparent that there was an opportunity to make our dogs look even more ridiculous than they already are," Dacey laughs.

This mural- that took about six hours- is also important to Dacey and David because it helps lessen the stereotype that pitbulls are aggressive dogs. 

"You can't help but smile and laugh," Dacey says, "I think that's something we need a lot right now is things that make you laugh, things that make you happy, things that just bring out the light in the world around you and these are two dogs that people assume to be dangerous or unwanted- you can't see them as a danger or a threat right now- I mean look at them they're ridiculous!"

It also gave the two a way to really bond and work together. David commented, "I took a break but she's the kind of person- if she starts a painting then she just can't stop until its finished. I'm the same kind of person but with Legos." 

Dacey and David
Dacey Even

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Dacey and David plan on adding to their creation and would love to spread them around the neighborhood. 

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