LAKE MURRAY SHORES, S.C. — It’s no secret that Lake Murray is one of the Midlands greatest assets. 

Boating Magazine agreed when they voted it one of the top ten places to boat and live in the United States.

“We’re very excited about getting recognized for all that marketing that we’ve been doing over the years to tell everybody about this wonderful lake that we have here in the Midlands," Miriam Atria, President and CEO of Lake Murray Country told Street Squad.

Lake Murray Country is the resident visitor’s center and museum for lake and was honored to hear the news.

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“There are several things I feel make Lake Murray very unique-the location, we’re in the center of our state so we’re an easily traveled to area," Atria continues, "Lake Murray is also a very large lake obviously with 650 miles of shore line but its also an appealing lake from the standpoint of the activities you can do. And then of course you just package all of this together with- we have a major university, we have Fort Jackson, and the location we’re in the center of the state- it makes Lake Murray a very marketable and very viable product in itself.”

This is the second time in a decade Lake Murray has made this list. The first being back in 2011. 

Other places on the list included Long Island, New York; Seattle, Washington; and Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Congratulations Lake Murray!

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