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Something you can use in real life: Local teacher teaching manners in the classroom

Fairfield County Teacher Jalissa Wright started the manners unit

FAIRFIELD COUNTY, S.C. — Pre-K teacher Jalissa Wright and her teaching assistant Christopher Leaphart created the first manners tea party at Geiger Elementary School in Fairfield County.

“The kids were actually really excited about, 'Oh, we're gonna have a manners tea party,” Wright said.

Students dressed in their finest attire and began setting the table. 

First, they carefully lay out the tablecloth. Then, it's time to wash their hands and place their silverware on the table. 

“Them having some independency, setting the table, knowing where to put the forks, spoon, the cups and knowing what they are called and not pointing,” Wright said. 

Once the table is set, the students are allowed to socialize, but they must adhere to proper etiquette. 

Wright and Leaphart say they wanted to give the children some proper training for when they go out to eat in public.

“They know those social queues when they go out. They not putting their elbows on the table, They're not talking with their mouth full of food," Wright said. "I felt like this was really important, especially with the COVID kids is what we're calling it, for them to have those social skills, for them to practice, for them to see it not just something we are learning just because, something you can use in real life." 

Now that the students have successfully completed the course in manners and etiquette, Wright says she hopes that these valuable lessons will stay with them for a lifetime.

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