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Man who won big in the SC lottery almost made a huge mistake

At first, he thought he had only won $3. Not quite.

GRESHAM, S.C. — A South Carolina man probably didn't think too much of his winning $3 lottery ticket at first. It took a few more looks before he realized his estimations were off by several thousand.

South Carolina Education Lottery officials said that the man bought his $75,000 Super Crossword ticket at the Hot Spot convenience store in Gresham - the same store that sold another big winner around that same time.

While they didn't release his name, the lottery did tell his rather interesting story. It took a second glance for him to realize he had won more but he actually got the amount wrong again, thinking he would walk away with just $500.

It wasn't until the store told him the prize was bigger that he checked again, according to lottery officials. But, still, he was convinced he had only won $1,000.

He told them that the true realization of how much he had won didn't come until he had checked it one more time before bedtime.

"My heart dropped," he told officials.

Naturally, sleep had to wait at this point.

“I wasn’t tired anymore after I got my money,” he said. 

The Hot Spot #2021 convenience store in Gresham got a commission of $750 for selling the ticket. The odds of winning $75,000 in the Super Crossword game are 1 in 60,000.

Meanwhile, a winning $50,000 Powerball ticket sold at the store has not yet been claimed, so shoppers there may want to check their tickets.

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