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2022 South Carolina Midterm Election Results

The 2022 South Carolina Midterm General Election is Tuesday, November 8 and News19 has live real-time election results. One of the key races will be for South Carolina governor where incumbent Republican Henry McMaster faces off against Democrat Joe Cunningham and Libertarian Morgan Bruce Reeves. Voters will also pick a new South Carolina Secretary of Education as Democrat Lisa Ellis, Republican Ellen Weaver, and Green candidate Patricia Mickel square off. There is also the U.S. Senate race between Republican Tim Scott and Democrat Krystle Matthews and the U.S. House District One contest between Republican Nancy Mace and Democrat Annie Andrews. Republican Joe Wilson, Democrat James Clyburn, and Republican Ralph Norman are all seeking reelection to the U.S. House. And there will be a new Congressman from U.S. House District 7 as Republican Russell Fry and Democrat Daryl Scott take on each other for that seat.

Finally, voters will decide on two South Carolina Constitutional Amendments, one to raise the general reserve fund, the other to raise the capital reserve fund. Plus, results are here for many other local races.

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Results updated every 2 minutes or less (some races may update less frequently).

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