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Concrete truck in Newberry is doing 'heavy' recruiting for volunteer firefighters

What started as a fun recruiting idea is now rooted in concrete

NEWBERRY COUNTY, S.C. — There's creative and then there's creative. 

The Newberry Fire Department was trying to come up with ideas to help get more people interested in applying to be a volunteer firefighter. 

Gene Shealy, captain of recruitment for the fire department in Newberry said, "the thought came up why don't we try to put a sign on these concrete trucks,". 

Shealy says the vision was a rolling billboard, but what was delievered was far beyond just a sign on a truck.  

It went to a whole other level. 

The conceret truck was a chubby version of one of the firetrucks, with a message and without the hoses and ladders. . 

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Mark Hartsell with Carolina Concrete, the company that designed the truck's new color scheme.  He explained he wanted to help because he felt it was an important cause of the community.

 "We decided to go over the top, maybe a bit much, but I don't think so, anything you can do to let those guys and gals know how much they are appreciated needs to be done, " said Hartsell. 

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Captain Shealy says he was excited about the opportunity, "we're just stoked about it, we we're looking for something that could go out there and get our message out, something that is unique.". 

The captain says the message has already been working, "the fact that people are seeing it on the road and it's getting their attention,". 

The department is hoping that it encourages people to volunteer.  The department is in need of volunteers. .