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'They are explicit': Some in Lexington-Richland 5 concerned about library books

On Monday night, some Lexington-Richland District 5 parents expressed concern about some books in the district's libraries, saying they are unsuitable for children.

CHAPIN, S.C. — Some Lexington-Richland District Five parents voiced concern about some library books at Monday night's school board meeting, saying the books are unsuitable for children.

"We came across some books in our libraries, and I am going to tell you they are explicit," one parent said.

Some parents said the books should not be in the district's libraries.

"You're making it that no one wants to send their kids to school anymore," another parent said. "Now, you have to worry about what they're picking up at the library."

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"There are a lot of things that are out there in the library that you may not be aware of. People are purchasing them and they are coming into our schools."

"I need to find out what teacher is assigning these books," said board chair Jan Hammond. "Please don't blame all our teachers for these books."

Some parents attempted to read explicit excerpts from books at the meeting but the board shut those readings down. "I don't' think when its livestreamed ... it bothers me that there are some children that haven't looked at these books," Hammond said.

One parent called behavior at tonight's meeting appalling and walked out.

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Board members, who don't usually respond to public comment, opened up discussion, with some members saying they've never seen anything in writing regarding explicit books in district libraries.

"It has never been emailed to me. It has never been texted to me about these books … because I would do it as a parent … I am offended you think we are not going to take care of this and do something about it," one board member said.

"I am mad we have that material in our schools," another board member said.

The board voted to redact the recording of Monday's meeting to exclude any explicit content before posting the video online.

According to the district, if a parent has a problem with any content they can go to the district's website. Under the "board policies" section, there's a form parents can complete if they want to challenge district content.

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