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Large, pink and causing havoc on yards in Sumter

A 200lb pink pig is on the loose in Sumter and no ones yard is safe.

SUMTER, S.C. — It's not what you expect to wake up to in a suburban neighborhood. 

But the evidence is clear, yards in the Millwood and Foxcroft neighborhoods as well as along Arnold and Wedgefield street in Sumter.  

A pig, a large pig, has been through. 

According to neighbors the pigs been lose for a week. 

A surveillance camera , pointed at his front yard, alerted and woke up resident Walker Blakely and he thought it must just a dog--but then he looked closer.  He said, "I looked and thought that's too big to be a dog, and sure enough it turned out to be a pig,". 

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Thankfully the Blakely family did not have any damage to their yards but others were not so lucky. 

Steve Goodsen and his neighbors saw extensive damage to their yards. 

Goodsen said he and his wife came out the door to find the pig rooting in their yard and just tearing the dirt up.  He said he's seen the pig in his neighbor's yard on Thursday.   

But this little piggy has been destroying other yards as well.  

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The pig is being chased buy Sumter County Animal Control said Goodsen, but its pretty fast for a 200 or so pound pig. 

The Sumter Police Department is asking that if you know the owner don't be afraid to squeal by calling them or animal control. 

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