Will Muschamp tried to warn his underclassmen at the time. Some listened. Some didn't.

His message was simple - your senior year will go by fast and before you know it, it will be Senior Night.

"I tell 'em every year, but unfortunately, some of 'em don't listen. And I tell 'em all, we sit in our team meeting, the seniors sit in the front and the freshman sit in the back, and they work their way down by year, and I'm looking at the top today saying you have no idea how quickly it's going to happen, and how quickly it's going to turn for you," Muschamp said. 

"We had a senior meeting this morning and some of 'em said you tried to tell me and I'm starting to realize that I got two left at Williams-Brice. And it's tough, you got to cherish every opportunity, cherish every moment, and we've got great examples of guys that have taken full advantage of the opportunities you have here at South Carolina for our young players."

Senior night festivities will take place tonight before the 7:00 p.m. kickoff with Appalachian State.